Outreach and Admissions Services

  • Our Program Management and Organization, ensures that HLS staff model the highest standards of professionalism, demonstrate strong technical knowledge to perform their job duties and are the best advocates for potential students, Center Operators and all other stakeholders.
  • Our Outreach and Marketing plan ensures maximum exposure to all potential youth who are interested in enrollment into the Job Corps program.
  • We demonstrate a thorough awareness of all Youth Services Providers within the Geographic Assignment Plan (GAP) and foster a cooperative relationship with those organizations to identify and attract eligible at risk youth.
  • We demonstrate an unmatched commitment and responsiveness to the needs of Center Operators and guarantee a sufficient flow of applicants for Center assignment.
  • Our Quality Assurance Systems ensures performance integrity, accurate data reporting, strong financial and property management and procurement compliance.
  • Our Staff Training plan ensures that staff receive on-going training and access to the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their job duties and grow as youth practitioners. HLS staff must receive certification in the area of case management and customer services.
  • Our eligibility determination and screening processes conforms to standards established by the Department of Labor (DOL).
  • Our admissions counselors demonstrate professionalism by providing applicants with accurate information regarding the Job Corps program, being responsive to inquiries regarding Job Corps Centers and developing and maintaining rapport by being sensitive to the needs of students throughout the admissions process.
  • We utilize the most effective strategies to create a Workplace Culture that finds Purpose and Promise in People.

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