Center Operations

  • We utilize a research- based educational curriculum that fosters a total learning environment for students.
  • We address the needs of students requiring special educational services, through the use of research -based teaching methodologies.
  • We incorporate the latest technologies into our approach as part of our strategy to maximize student engagement.
  • Our Dorm Life and Residential Living programs ensure that students obtain skill acquisition that support learning, retention and career success.
  • Our Student leadership and Service Learning program requirements place a strong emphasis on student contribution and accountability, offering a platform for students to demonstrate their learning.
  • We rely on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to shape student behavior and impact learning.
  • Our Quality Assurance Systems ensures performance integrity, accurate data reporting, strong financial and property management and procurement compliance.
  • Employer participation and involvement in the delivery of our Career Technical Programs through Training, Assessment and Job Placement is core to our mission.
  • Our students learn to demonstrate the highest standards in Facility Maintenance. We expect them to show ownership and respect for the environments that host their training.
  • Our Staff Development Plan ensures that staff receive on-going training and access to the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to perform their job duties and grow as youth practitioners. HLS staff must receive certification in the area of case management and customer services.
  • We utilize the most effective strategies to create a Workplace Culture that finds Purpose and Promise in People.

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