Career Transition Services

  • Our comprehensive Career Transition Services Plan provides the framework for collaborating with Center Operators, the Employer Community, Military Recruiting Commands and other educational providers to ensure that each student receives a post center placement upon leaving the Job Corps program.
  • Our Case Management approaches ensure continuous accountability for the delivery of essential services to graduates.
  • Our Quality Assurance Systems ensure performance integrity, accurate data reporting, strong financial and property management and procurement compliance.
  • Our case management systems ensure continuous accountability for the delivery of essential services to graduates by ensuring that relationships are established early in career development training and that contact is maintained throughout the CTS service period.
  • Our Career Transition staff are¬†highly qualified and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of CTT offerings at the Job Corps centers, as well as career pathway options available to students in order to ensure post-center placement outcomes.
  • We are committed to working closely with Center Operators, and appropriate placement agencies to support positive placement outcomes for special needs students.
  • HLS works closely with Center Operators to develop combined staff training plans for both Center staff and the CTS provider to ensure effective collaboration and learning in the areas of job development, business relations and workforce services.
  • Our Job Development staff possess superior knowledge of industry, military, and educational opportunities available for all students.

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